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Join us at the Data Innovation Summit 2019 in Stockholm

Data Innovation Summit 2019 will take place in Stockholm on the 14th and 15th of March ( Feel free to reach us and schedule a meeting with us there. We will be able to show you how DANATEQ ALEX AI works. Please get in touch via email: or  

Thanks for meeting us at the World AI Summit 2018!

DANATEQ participated in the World’s Leading AI summit in Amsterdam in October 2018. Key players in the AI space got together to present and discuss the latest achievements in Artificial Intelligence. The leaders outlined how AI is developing globally and is now not just a buzzword but an evolutional era where AI can help humans…

The sixth COSEAL Workshop took place in Paris, 2018

DANATEQ members were glad to be a part of the workshop for discussing the most recent advances in the automated configuration and selection of algorithms for the first time. It took place on September 17 and 18, 2018 in Paris, France. During these days there were posters and talks about late-breaking research and useful tools.

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Real-time (response time < 100 ms)

High Performance

Cloud Readiness


High Availability and Reliability

Linear Scalability

In-service Upgrade


Cognitive Loop

Streaming Machine Learning

Real-time Recommendation Engine

Analytical Distributed In-memory DB

Immediate Offer Matching and Actions

Real-time Reports

OMNI-channels Analytics


Industry Expertise

Analytics-enabled Business


Global Best Practice

System Integration & Delivery

Managed Services

Advisory & Enablement



DANATEQ’s Cognitive Streaming Analytics Platform enables companies to process and analyse streaming data; not a data warehouse. The platform is scalable and highly available.


The Streaming Analytics Platform is cloud-ready, allowing companies to seamlessly scale the platform as their business grows. It makes you focus on business, not infrastructure.


Initiate meaningful interactions with your customers in real-time. Each customer is monitored throughout his lifecycle and each campaign is personalized allowing allowing a 1-to-1 relationship.

Digital Channels Data Monetization

Monetize your customer data through a cognitive profile exchange solution that provides a target attributes for ad networks, who are looking to reach the right customers at the right time.

Customer Journey Management

Track your customer’s journey across multiple touchpoints and understand how the experience drives customer value. Reduce handling time, convert more sales  and avoid troubletickets.

Customer Experience Management

Superior customer experience remains to be one of the major drivers of loyalty across industries. DANATEQ’s Solution takes service and network quality KPI’s in real-time and links it to customer value.

Cognitive Loyalty Management

Increase the loyalty of your customer base through points, offers, rewards, and other meaningful interactions. The solution also allows companies to campaign to customers to boost the loyalty overall.


Put the Voice of the Customer at the center of your loyalty and customer experience initiatives. The solution identifies promoters vs. detractors to allow companies to engage effectively.




Use billions of real-time insights from IT and network systems as a competitive advantage through DANATEQ’s Customer Value Management, Customer Experience Management, and Loyalty Solutions.


Given the rise of digital, purchases no longer happen just in stores. LINKTM enables retailers to capture these perishable business moments and convert them to sales via advanced analytics and OMNI-channels.


DANATEQ uses customer analytics and cognitive loops to deliver a one-of-a-kind personalized banking experience built on customer trust and loyalty. All data and transactions are strictly secured.


DANATEQ streaming analytics delivers in healthcare. Analyze journeys and experience of your patients in real-time, to be able to provide excellent medical services.



ounded by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in robotics, telecom control systems and defense who came together to develop LINKTM, the real-time self-learning ”cognitive” analytics platform, with the vision of enabling enterprises to implement continuously improving automated business processes through cognitive loops. Our first vertical is the Telecommunications Industry where we enable leading operators to create 360° customer views as the first step to a cognitive enterprise. DANATEQ is porting its Cognitive Enterprise Analytics platform to other industries from telecom to banking, media, airlines, retail and the energy sector. DANATEQ is a Singapore registered holding company with subsidiaries in key countries and aggressively expanding its customer base globally from its initial roots in Asia.

Chief Executive Officer
Cody Martinson
Chief Technology Officer
Sergey Popov
Chief Operating Officer
Tom Martinson
Head of Product Management
Alexander Grishin
Head of Product Support
Max Afanasyev
Head of Sales and Account Management
Monica Senga-Raymundo
Head of Research and Development
Nikita Glazov
Chief Architect
Andrey Gamanin


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