June 16, 2017 – DANATEQ announces the release of the 8th generation of its LINKTM Cognitive Streaming Analytics Software.

The LINKTM V8.0 contains the following functionalities and improvements:

    • Increased performance yet lower and more efficient memory utilization for lower total cost of ownership.

  • Additional mathematical functions for campaign mechanics, conditions, and customer profile attributes.
  • Improved GUI to make end to end campaign creation more seamless and easy.
  • Improved functionality to compare real-time model prediction quality vs. traditional models.
  • Improved data import and export mechanism from/to 3rd party systems.
  • Migration of the Product Catalogue to an opensource database (PostgreSQL).

Every year, DANATEQ releases a new software version to address the evolving needs of the market and its customers. With LINKTM V8.0, DANATEQ continues to show its commitment to deliver best-in-class cognitive streaming analytics that is cost efficient, and easy to use for business and technical users alike.