Ericsson and DANATEQ form global partnership on Customer Value Management (CVM), which focuses on improving customer value via the implementation of effective revenue-generating campaigns.

Identifying perishable business moments in lives of customer and making right offers at the right time have been the main driver behind below-the-line marketing success stories. LINK’s cognitive technology enables operators to effectively track and model ever changing behaviours of the customers, dynamically match marketing offers to situations in the lives of the customers, observe the response, and adjust the matching rules to achieve objectives of the campaigns.

The Customer Value Management solution will enable Ericsson’s customers to:

  • Understand the drivers and control points of customer value
  • Engage the CMO organization by providing a platform and excellence services that will allow real-time campaigning and next best action.
  • Provide a real-time CXO dashboard that show actual impact of campaign initiatives
  • Enable the real-time targetting and identification of customer personas to lead to effective real-time interactions
  • Continuously learn and improve customer value management initiatives using cognitive software that is able to profile, predict and recommend better offers every time.
  • Increase ARPU and reduce churn