Justbalance, a leading digital therapeutics provider, has partnered with Danateq for streaming cognitive analytics and auto machine learning to power predictive healthcare applications and services.

“We are excited to be working with Danateq on next-generation machine learning in healthcare,” said Charles Ashley, Managing Director of Justbalance.  “Their automated learning engine provides Justbalance users with compelling predictive health insights”.

Justbalance focuses on digital health therapeutics to improve outcomes for individuals and care providers by managing conditions such as hypoglycemia and diabetes, and improving individual lifestyle outcomes by delivering actionable insights into nutrition, sleep, and fitness data trends.

“Justbalance’s focus on developing unified health data profiling and predictive analytics capabilities in health care is a complementary fit to our strategic direction and capabilities,” said Cody Martinson, Chief Executive Officer at Danateq.  “Healthcare is a huge market primed for disruption, and the application of Danateq’s cognitive  streaming analytics and auto learning with real-time dynamic EHR is the next frontier in health data management.”

Justbalance and Danateq will expand collaboration and research into streaming health care algorithms, health data modelling, and auto machine learning, evaluating impactful use of the Justbalance Health Profile, a real time dynamic EHR that incorporates consumer health data from smartphones and fitness trackers with medicine and clinical data.

Leveraging Danateq’s ALEX (Auto Learning Engine X), Justbalance will research the real-world impact of environmental, behavioral and clinical data streams on predicting and improving health outcomes at home and the point of care.

“Danateq’s ALEX will allow us to further optimize health outcomes and deliver on meaningful impact for customers,” said Charles.  “The company’s self-tuning and self-optimizing AI analytics capabilities means that we can devote resources to improving our product and service rather than retain and manage scarce manual data-science resources.”


Justbalance Ltd

Justbalance is a UK venture focused upon personal preventative heath monitoring and self-care via cognitive analytical health forecasts that improves health outcomes.  Designed for the needs of individuals, health care providers and medical device / health record vendors, Justbalance delivers smartphone app-centric real-time behaviour analysis of healthcare data while mobile, providing personalized health forecasts and notifications to proactively manage and improve health conditions like diabetes, glucagonoma and obesity.



Danateq is a leading cognitive software provider headquartered in Singapore, focusing on enterprise streaming analytics, AI and machine learning.  The company’s worldwide tier 1 telecommunications, healthcare and enterprise customers have successfully accelerated business effectiveness and returns-on-investment through Danateq’s next-generation cognitive solutions and services.