DANATEQ announced today that it has reached an agreement to sell its Customer Value Management business unit to Pelatro.

The products acquired by Pelatro are Customer Value Management (CVM), Loyalty Management, and Personal Notification Management (PNM). Once the transaction is completed, Pelatro will take over the business unit, its teams, the products, and an associated sales pipeline.

“We are pleased to be selling the CVM business unit to Pelatro, which is committed to growing the CVM business globally,” said Cody Martinson, CEO of DANATEQ. “The business unit is performing well, is backed up by an excellent team, and has a strong sales pipeline”.

The transaction allows DANATEQ to focus on its core AI-enabled businesses which include ALEX, an automated-learning artificial intelligence platform, with applications in telecommunications, health-care, pharmaceutical, retail, banking, robotics, and others.

“DANATEQ is transforming itself into an Artificial Intelligence company,” says Sergey Popov, CTO of DANATEQ, “We focus on helping our customers monetize the opportunities that AI technologies bring. DANATEQ enables the companies to jump over the trap of under-performing big data infrastructure programs and go straight into real-time AI future.”

DANATEQ’s ALEX is a cognitive AI engine that “just works”, with a specific appeal to companies or application developers who try to avoid investing into in-house data science teams or traditional big-data infrastructures.



DANATEQ is a cognitive AI software and services company with headquarters in Singapore. The company develops and markets its real-time cognitive software products directly or via a global network of partners. For more information, please refer to www.danateq.com