DANATEQ members were glad to be a part of the workshop for discussing the most recent advances in the automated configuration and selection of algorithms for the first time.

It took place on September 17 and 18, 2018 in Paris, France. During these days there were posters and talks about late-breaking research and useful tools.

The picture is taken from the official COSEAL website:  https://www.coseal.net/

COSEAL means COnfiguration and SElection of ALgorithms and this forum consists of researchers from different countries. Automated selection of algorithms with the most optimal parameters has considerable practical value in AutoML. Great minds presented the most advanced achievements in this area. It was demonstrated that there are still many rooms to improve and it basically means that COSEAL will discover and present new achievements from year to year.

Thanks to all COSEAL members for their contribution and openness in making AutoML technologies better and better!


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