DANATEQ participated in the World’s Leading AI summit in Amsterdam in October 2018.

Key players in the AI space got together to present and discuss the latest achievements in Artificial Intelligence. The leaders outlined how AI is developing globally and is now not just a buzzword but an evolutional era where AI can help humans in their everyday life.

One of the most exciting point is that DANATEQ’s technology and vision come among the first. Such key points as “Accelerated data collection”, “Easier tools” and “Better end-to-end process” are already available in DANATEQ’s ALEX AI product. In fact, ALEX provides an intuitive web interface for users without Machine Learning expertise and allows reaching AI goals starting from streaming data collection, modeling and then acting in real-time, not just a box to train models.

Designing and running huge amounts of proper tests is another key aspect to deliver AI. It is one the reasons why DANATEQ invests significant amounts of resources in automation of test processes using thousands of datasets. Moreover, this amount is growing considerably every month.

It is evident that key players using AI in Telecom, Healthcare, Banking, Retail and other industries will be winning the market. At the same time, the amount of data scientists in the world is not enough to cover the high demand for machine learning skill sets. Different workflows and approaches are required to transform business intelligence from manual work to automated processes.

“An exiting discovery for our team was,” – says Alexander Grishin, head of product management at DANATEQ, – “that our AI product seems to be well ahead of the rest of the market. What others just talk about – ease of data source integration, fast closed loop, intuitive GUI – is already present in our product. Our customers must feel that they are ahead of the curve when it comes to AI functionality”.

DANATEQ’s ALEX is a cognitive AI engine that “just works”, with a specific appeal to companies or application developers who try to avoid investing into in-house data science teams or traditional big-data infrastructures.



DANATEQ is a cognitive AI software and services company with headquarters in Singapore. The company develops and markets its AI software products directly or via a global network of partners. For more information, please refer to www.danateq.com.