Thanks for meeting us at the World AI Summit 2018!

DANATEQ participated in the World’s Leading AI summit in Amsterdam in October 2018. Key players in the AI space got together to present and discuss the latest achievements in Artificial Intelligence. The leaders outlined how AI is developing globally and is now not just a buzzword but an evolutional era where AI can help humans…

DANATEQ sells its CVM business unit to Pelatro

DANATEQ announced today that it has reached an agreement to sell its Customer Value Management business unit to Pelatro. The products acquired by Pelatro are Customer Value Management (CVM), Loyalty Management, and Personal Notification Management (PNM). Once the transaction is completed, Pelatro will take over the business unit, its teams, the products

Go AI with DANATEQ’s ALEX Software: Available in Spring 2018

DANATEQ, a leading cognitive streaming analytics company, announced the upcoming release of a new software product called ALEX. ALEX is Auto Learning Engine X. In a time where analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are keys to gaining competitive advantage across all industries, companies have realized that building such

DANATEQ announces the release of LINKTM 8.0

June 16, 2017 – DANATEQ announces the release of the 8th generation of its LINKTM Cognitive Streaming Analytics Software. The LINKTM V8.0 contains the following functionalities and improvements: Increased performance yet lower and more efficient memory utilization for lower total cost of ownership.